How the Father loves us

Frequently when thinking of the Father's love we start and stop at the cross and the story of redemption but his love doesn't stop there, his love is revealed in his concern and care for our down to earth, everyday¬†lives - he is truly, the good, good Father, who knows how to care for his … Continue reading How the Father loves us

Encountering the Father’s Embrace

Many know in their heads that God is love, that he loves them, but fail to experience what that really means. Because of negative or bad human experiences of 'father' they cannot understand or fully realise Father God's embrace of his children. Perhaps their experience was performance oriented, passive - present but indifferent, authoritarian, abusive, … Continue reading Encountering the Father’s Embrace

Seasons come and seasons go

In the transition from spring to summer I have found myself once again reflecting on the seasons and how they impact on life and how that for many in our urban, industrialised world, they don't really mean anything or they are not understood - the world we live in in one sense has no need … Continue reading Seasons come and seasons go

God – he, she or what?

So according to the news here in the UK there are those who want to call God, ' she ' ( And so they want to remove the male references to God and retranslate the scriptures and liturgy to give God a more feminine feel. The big problem with this is that Jesus himself taught … Continue reading God – he, she or what?