The Length Love Goes To

Taking the last two posts a step further, the staggering thing is that God steps into this world in the form of real human flesh, not a different or special kind of flesh, but the very same kind, with all it's limitations and temptations. We had broken the circle of love that we were made … Continue reading The Length Love Goes To

Christmas – Power or Love?

Returning to last weeks theme let's explore a bit further what the Christmas story says to us about God and our relationship to him. Father & Son As we read the gospel story we can't help noticing that its about a Father and his Son - yes in some cases that might be a marred … Continue reading Christmas – Power or Love?

Christmas – a display of Trinitarian Love

At the heart of the universe is a God of love. John says specifically, "God is love." (1 John 4:16). Not loves, or has love, or became love, but is love. Now, that has a huge impact on our understanding of God. If God is love that means that God must be more than a … Continue reading Christmas – a display of Trinitarian Love

Can We Trust The Bible?

A Reliable Word? It's great to not only have faith, but to know that that faith is based on a very reliable, and authenticated word from God - the Bible. Reading responses to articles relating to Christianity in the popular press columns on the internet recently it seems that there are many who have no … Continue reading Can We Trust The Bible?