Seasons come and seasons go

In the transition from spring to summer I have found myself once again reflecting on the seasons and how they impact on life and how that for many in our urban, industrialised world, they don’t really mean anything or they are not understood – the world we live in in one sense has no need of them, we can create light and heat, we can produce what was seasonal produce all year round, it all looks the same.

Yet seasons are essential, there’s a time for sowing, a time for reaping, a time for letting things lie fallow, there’s a time for breaking up the fallow ground, there’s a time for cold and a time for heat, they are all part of the rhythm of life, a rhythm for which we were also made, and if we reduce it to one rhythm which is no rhythm we are in trouble.

The rhythms of life help us to live, the need for work, rest and play; times to eat, times to fast; times of breaking up our fallow ground, times of sowing; times of reaping; times of giving times of receiving; times of serving, times of being served; times of light, times of darkness; times of sorrow, times of joy; times of waiting, times of action.

The Bible talks of these rhythms, it’s there, all through it’s pages, and if we ignore them we are in trouble.

The big challenge is knowing which season you are in, and if you do, being at peace in it.

Another challenge is to know when the seasons are changing and how.

What about you?


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