Confession, repentance and forgiveness?

If Jesus has done it all, do I need to confess my sin? do I need to ask for forgiveness? Big questions, good questions. So here are some thoughts. I love the grace of God, I preach and teach grace with a passion, because it's in the Bible, because it is the gospel. It saves, … Continue reading Confession, repentance and forgiveness?

Pursuing God with a Passion

God doesn't want half-hearted followers. He wants us on fire! Reflecting again on the story of the King of Israel, Elisha and the arrows in 2 Kings 13, I'm coming to the conclusion that was the kings problem, he really wasn't all in, he was to easily satisfied. His business with God wasn't that serious. … Continue reading Pursuing God with a Passion

Encountering the Father’s Embrace

Many know in their heads that God is love, that he loves them, but fail to experience what that really means. Because of negative or bad human experiences of 'father' they cannot understand or fully realise Father God's embrace of his children. Perhaps their experience was performance oriented, passive - present but indifferent, authoritarian, abusive, … Continue reading Encountering the Father’s Embrace

Your Kingdom Come

The next phrase in the Lord's Prayer, 'Your kingdom come,' reminds us that God is King, he is sovereign. His will and word are final. All the rights are his. He is the One who creates. He is the One who sustains. He is the One who makes the big decisions. His will, will be … Continue reading Your Kingdom Come


A Spirit-filled life Our tendency in the West is to make everything a matter of the mind, and therefore a matter of comprehension, rationalism, security and safety that manifests itself in utter predictability. I find myself wondering why some want to say that to be filled with the Spirit is to be filled with the … Continue reading Spirit-filled