God – he, she or what?

So according to the news here in the UK there are those who want to call God, ‘ she ‘ (telegraph.co.uk). And so they want to remove the male references to God and retranslate the scriptures and liturgy to give God a more feminine feel.

The big problem with this is that Jesus himself taught us to pray, ‘our Father’. To suggest that Jesus got it wrong is to step on extremely dangerous ground. In fact numerous times Jesus referenced and taught us very deliberately about God as Father – just take a look at the numerous references to ‘father’ in the Sermon on the Mount.

Yes, there may be bad models of fatherhood but that’s no reason to change the language – there are also bad models of motherhood; fallenness affects us all both male and female.

The fact is that Jesus chose to speak of God as Father, not as Mother, or even some non-person phrase, and in doing so he spoke of Him as loving, perfect, trustworthy etc. in distinct contrast to all our failings. He doesn’t change the language but uses it and fills it out with God intended meaning.

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