Pentecost – the day the Spirit came in power

What a day! A day that would change 120 individuals, impact thousands, and go on to empower a movement that would impact the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ, transforming lives and communities right down to this day. The Spirit had been promised generations before, an outpouring such as the world had never … Continue reading Pentecost – the day the Spirit came in power

Building a Kingdom Culture 6 – Humility and Servanthood

How humble are you? Is there anyone or anything that you would consider to be below your dignity? An absolute essential to a Kingdom Culture is humility and servanthood, they belong together, they are inseparable. If we understand humility correctly it will help when it comes to servanthood, and yet humility doesn’t go down well in … Continue reading Building a Kingdom Culture 6 – Humility and Servanthood

War and Peace

War and peace have been the alternating experience of much of human history. Peace, so difficult to gain and maintain, can be lost so quickly and easily. The first world war multiplied outwards from the assassination in Sarajevo of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian/Hungarian throne by a Yugoslav nationalist, creating a diplomatic crisis … Continue reading War and Peace

Yours is the kingdom, the power, and the glory

We come to the last in this mini series on the Lord's prayer, a phrase not in the early manuscripts but found in the later ones, 'Yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever. Amen.' Our own little kingdoms, power and glory are something that fallen humanity desperately craves, we want to be … Continue reading Yours is the kingdom, the power, and the glory

Christmas – Power or Love?

Returning to last weeks theme let's explore a bit further what the Christmas story says to us about God and our relationship to him. Father & Son As we read the gospel story we can't help noticing that its about a Father and his Son - yes in some cases that might be a marred … Continue reading Christmas – Power or Love?

The Promise of Pain

The promise of pain? Sounds a contradiction doesn't it, I mean pain, who wants it? My guess is no-one, yet it's part of life in a fallen world (even saved lives) and therefore everyone one of us experiences it in varying degrees at some time or other. Correspondingly, down through the centuries we have sought … Continue reading The Promise of Pain