Reigning in Life

For many the idea of reigning in life is a pipe dream, a total unreality, yet this is what the bible promises. We were created in the image of God to reign as co-regents in the earth. We blew it, sinned, and everything became distorted. But in the gospel we see not only salvation but … Continue reading Reigning in Life

The Image of God and the Gospel

The image of God in humanity is an essential part of the gospel - especially in a world that wants to reduce the level of human life to that of an evolved form of animal existence. The gospel must have a high doctrine of man. It must know who man is/was created to be. It … Continue reading The Image of God and the Gospel

The Image of God in your Neighbour

Who are you? Someone made in the image of God. Profound. Not just you. Not a few select ones, but all. Everyone. Your husband/wife, your neighbour, your colleague, your children, your friends, your enemies, the rich and the poor, the educated and uneducated. The talented and the not-so talented. Those on the left and those … Continue reading The Image of God in your Neighbour

A Different Kind of Life

Frequently on popular media the impression is given that the life of humans is exactly the same as that of the animal world and therefore we are just another kind of animal, just more evolved, but essentially the same. Scripture says otherwise. When we read the creation account in Genesis not only is there a … Continue reading A Different Kind of Life