Forsaken on Good Friday

What a week that was leading up to the cross, and yet it didn't take Jesus by surprise. In the counsels of eternity the Father, Son and Holy Spirit had planned this. When the Father had said who will go for us, Jesus had responded, "I will, send me." He was born for this. Born … Continue reading Forsaken on Good Friday

Revelation 19 A Celebration and a Wedding

The church had been through a tough time, it had suffered heavily and the cry had gone up, 'how long O Lord?' As we saw in the last post, the Scarlet Beast and the Harlot were none other than historic Rome and unfaithful Israel. It was they who had been the cause of the suffering, … Continue reading Revelation 19 A Celebration and a Wedding

The Scarlet Beast and the Harlot

This chapter like much of Revelation has intrigued many - what is it about, who is the Beast? who is the harlot? Is it past or future? Having been taught and myself taught a dispensational, pretribulation, premillenial rature (wow that's a mouthful!) this was all about to come, or already taking place before our very … Continue reading The Scarlet Beast and the Harlot

The Wrath of God & Rebellion of Humanity

Revelation is a gripping book. There are heights and there are depths. It shows you the glory of God and the the depths of human sin. It's a book of blessing and of judgment, and a word that frequently occurs is 'wrath' or more specifically the wrath of God, unveiled in the seven seals, seven … Continue reading The Wrath of God & Rebellion of Humanity

The Wrath of the Lamb

Some will remember when children were taught to pray, “Gentle Jesus meek and mild....” and many have sung, “no crying he makes...” But, what kind of image does this conjure up of Jesus - a very nice, ‘docile’ Jesus - compliant, non-offensive, someone who just gets on with everybody, and is everyone’s friend? My ‘personal’ … Continue reading The Wrath of the Lamb

Easter Truth

As Easter approaches Augustus Toplady's hymn brings out it's glorious truth. I've taken the liberty of modernising it so that everyone may easily understand and appreciate the truth of it. From where this fear and unbelief? Did You, O Father, put to grief Your spotless Son for me? And will the righteous Judge of men … Continue reading Easter Truth