What dreams have you got?

What dreams have you got? God meant us to dream and we are not talking day dreaming here! He spoke to people in the Bible through dreams. On the day of Pentecost when God poured out his Spirit on all flesh, Peter said the young would have visions and the old dreams - that's not … Continue reading What dreams have you got?

Missions & Culture

Well I've been away this week doing the fifth module of an MTh, this time it was Aspects of Modern Mission - Great stuff! Now I grew up reading missionary stories, stories of men and women who gave up everything to go and tell the Good News of Jesus Christ in what were largely unknown … Continue reading Missions & Culture

New Year Resolutions and All That

And so we are into 2012, resolutions have already been made.... and broken .... It's not that resolutions are necessarily wrong, some well known men and women of God down through history have made them, i.e. Jonathan Edwards of the USA. A lot of people make resolutions only for them to last a few weeks, … Continue reading New Year Resolutions and All That