Kingdom loving – part 2 

So God loves spectacularly, he loves like crazy when compared to this world's love. The love that existed in the heart of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, could not be held back by our sin and rebellion. It led to God becoming flesh, being tempted like we are, confronting the powers of darkness, being despised … Continue reading Kingdom loving – part 2 


It’s not over

Christmas is past, the New Year is in, and we've moved on, but the incarnation hasn't! The incarnation didn't stop at Christmas, Jesus didn't grow out of it. Neither did the incarnation stop when Jesus left the earth, He didn't ascend out of it. No it continues, an amazing, glorious truth we'd do well to … Continue reading It’s not over

Forgive Us As

Forgiveness is something we all stand in need of. We've all missed it and we're all messed up. No matter how hard modern man or woman tries, guilt still runs deep. We still stand in need of redemption. Down through the centuries humanity has sought to deal with it and it's consequences, above all the … Continue reading Forgive Us As

Running the Race

Continuing the Olympic theme, Paul writing to the Galatians says "you did run well... who has hindered you..." There are many today who started well, but today they've dropped out of the race, or at best are struggling to keep going. For some it's legalism - a decent into a life of rules and regulations, … Continue reading Running the Race

The Scarlet Beast and the Harlot

This chapter like much of Revelation has intrigued many - what is it about, who is the Beast? who is the harlot? Is it past or future? Having been taught and myself taught a dispensational, pretribulation, premillenial rature (wow that's a mouthful!) this was all about to come, or already taking place before our very … Continue reading The Scarlet Beast and the Harlot