Kingdom loving 3

The challenge to love like God does is massive. It is the radical message of the New Testament. More radical than we are prepared to admit. A love that forgives enemies. A love that forgives seventy times seven. A love that desires to bless. A love that goes on and on - strange how in … Continue reading Kingdom loving 3

Encountering God in the Church

Church gets a lot of negative press these days, with some saying that they are happy to believe in Jesus but want nothing to do with the church, and others talking about the potential end of it, and yet the church is the big idea of Jesus and what he said he would build,┬áso we … Continue reading Encountering God in the Church

Not Frustrating the Grace of God Part 2

How do we frustrate the grace of God in our lives? Following on from last week's post let's explore what it means to frustrate the grace of God in our lives - some of these points flow immediately from Gal. 2:21 others in considering the subject in greater detail.... (If you have not read it, … Continue reading Not Frustrating the Grace of God Part 2

Friendship, Fun and Faith

Sunday we did an all age meeting based on our midweek Unlimited children's club whose strapline is Friendship, Fun and Faith. We took the strapline as the theme for our time together and developed it through songs, prayer, games, bible memory verse and teaching. We had a great time, and everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy … Continue reading Friendship, Fun and Faith

Our Father (3) We are Family

Jesus said when you pray say 'Our Father...' Thank God for the personal witness that he gives to each one of his children that we are indeed his children and entitled and enabled to say those amazing words 'Abba, Father.' Thank God too for personal prayer, that each one of us can come to God … Continue reading Our Father (3) We are Family