The wonder of it all

Do you still stop and wonder at Christmas? As I get older the wonder seems to be increasing. I've read the scriptures, heard the story, sung the carols, spoken at carol services countless times, and it never ceases to amaze me. The simplicity, the glory, the heights, the depths, the love, the mercy, the grace. … Continue reading The wonder of it all

Called to be like Jesus – part 4, the way of the cross

Richard Burgess, 11.04.2021 The greatest destiny on our lives is the call to be like Jesus. Doesn't matter your background or your role, it applies to all who come to know Christ. God has predestined each one to be like his Son, Jesus. In part one we looked at the call to be like Jesus, … Continue reading Called to be like Jesus – part 4, the way of the cross

Living in Union with Christ

Richard Burgess. 09.02.2021 The wrong foot. Jesus said, "Go and make disciples..." Every Christ follower is called to be a disciple not simply a believer, yet in thinking about discipleship there is a very real danger of starting out on the wrong foot: now I am saved I need to live for Jesus, I’ve got … Continue reading Living in Union with Christ

Living in the resurrection

Easter may be past as an event, it may be celebrated but once a year, but for the Christian it's an ongoing present reality or at least it should be. Jesus died once for all. He rose again never to die or rise again. It was a unique, never to be repeated, one off event. … Continue reading Living in the resurrection

Spiritual formation – the power of a new affection

People try hard to change their ways, they make vows/resolutions, try to crucify the Flesh, pray more, believe more, stand on the promises, bind the devil, etc.. but very often with little effect. Why? It's not for want of good intentions. The reason more often than not lies in the affections, there hasn't been a … Continue reading Spiritual formation – the power of a new affection