Encountering the Father’s Embrace

Many know in their heads that God is love, that he loves them, but fail to experience what that really means. Because of negative or bad human experiences of 'father' they cannot understand or fully realise Father God's embrace of his children. Perhaps their experience was performance oriented, passive - present but indifferent, authoritarian, abusive, … Continue reading Encountering the Father’s Embrace

Saved sinner or saint? Part 2

Following on from last week here are some further thoughts..... So if we are more than 'sinners saved by grace' why is it that we struggle with being called 'saints'? Here are three possible reasons: We look the same - we have not been noticably transformed or are identifyably any different, we don't suddenly have … Continue reading Saved sinner or saint? Part 2

Saved sinner or saint?

Following on from last week one of the outcomes of worm theology is to think of the Christian as 'just a sinner saved by grace'. There may be some truth to that statement but theres an awful lot of truth missing - enough to make it wrong. The scriptures repeatedly state in various ways that … Continue reading Saved sinner or saint?