Kingdom loving – part 2 

So God loves spectacularly, he loves like crazy when compared to this world's love. The love that existed in the heart of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, could not be held back by our sin and rebellion. It led to God becoming flesh, being tempted like we are, confronting the powers of darkness, being despised … Continue reading Kingdom loving – part 2 

Building a Kingdom Culture 4 – Love, Grace & Freedom

Love, grace, and freedom are at the core of a Kingdom Culture. Everything else flows from them. They are values or qualities that define the very heart of who we are and our relation to one another. When we lose them we get all religious and our lives and relationships end up based around rules … Continue reading Building a Kingdom Culture 4 – Love, Grace & Freedom

Not Frustrating the Grace of God Part 2

How do we frustrate the grace of God in our lives? Following on from last week's post let's explore what it means to frustrate the grace of God in our lives - some of these points flow immediately from Gal. 2:21 others in considering the subject in greater detail.... (If you have not read it, … Continue reading Not Frustrating the Grace of God Part 2

Making Faith Work

The subject of faith and works comes up time and again in pastoral ministry - I've met saints wondering how much they need to do to prove to themselves they are really saved; I've met saints coming towards the end of their days here on earth wondering whether they have done enough to get to … Continue reading Making Faith Work

Saved sinner or saint?

Following on from last week one of the outcomes of worm theology is to think of the Christian as 'just a sinner saved by grace'. There may be some truth to that statement but theres an awful lot of truth missing - enough to make it wrong. The scriptures repeatedly state in various ways that … Continue reading Saved sinner or saint?