God – he, she or what?

So according to the news here in the UK there are those who want to call God, ' she ' (telegraph.co.uk). And so they want to remove the male references to God and retranslate the scriptures and liturgy to give God a more feminine feel. The big problem with this is that Jesus himself taught … Continue reading God – he, she or what?

God is Good

God is good - there are many that doubt this, even some Christians. This though is the testimony of scripture - God is good, and he is good because he is love. The problem is we live in a world that's all muddled up with what love and goodness is Goodness mustn't be confused with … Continue reading God is Good

The Black Friday that is Good!

A black Friday that's good? Strange to our ears isn't it, calling it Good Friday, after all what is good about it, it's about someone's death, and more particularly the death of Jesus Christ, the co-equal Son of God the Father, and co-creator with the Father and the Spirit of the universe and the giver … Continue reading The Black Friday that is Good!

Our Father – who is in Heaven

This wonderful Father of ours lives in Heaven, or literally 'the Heavens' - we tend to use the singular, but the Greek has the plural - those in Bible times would speak of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd heaven. Paul says he was caught up to the third heaven and saw amazing things which the … Continue reading Our Father – who is in Heaven

The Lord’s Prayer – Our Father (2)

Jesus said when you pray say, "Father/our Father."¬†What a wonderful way to begin a prayer, from the beginning it speaks of one who gives us life and secondly cares for the life that he gives us. We are his children - wonderful! A relationship has been established, a relationship that can never be lost, however … Continue reading The Lord’s Prayer – Our Father (2)