How Charismatic Are You?

'Charismatic' is frequently used to describe a gifted, talented, naturally outstanding person or a larger than life personality, but that's not how I'm using the term and it's not how the apostle Paul used it either. When Paul used the term he used it to describe the special abilities the Spirit gives to ordinary people, … Continue reading How Charismatic Are You?

Desiring the Gifts of the Spirit

Being a Christian and doing Church is meant to be supernatural - it's about a Spirit led and empowered life, a community of believers listening to and moving in the Spirit. It's not a club, it's not a business, and it doesn't operate the way they do, neither should it. In fact doing things the … Continue reading Desiring the Gifts of the Spirit

Pursuing God with a Passion

God doesn't want half-hearted followers. He wants us on fire! Reflecting again on the story of the King of Israel, Elisha and the arrows in 2 Kings 13, I'm coming to the conclusion that was the kings problem, he really wasn't all in, he was to easily satisfied. His business with God wasn't that serious. … Continue reading Pursuing God with a Passion