Communion – Four Key Words

Four Key Words There are four key words to keep in mind when coming to the Lord's Table; important words that will help us in our appreciation of it. Covenant The first one is Covenant - “This is the new covenant established by my blood.” This is our first base - it’s God's covenant, it's … Continue reading Communion – Four Key Words

Communion – what is it? 2

To understand communion we need to look at where it came from. The scripture provides us with a very direct clue “As they were eating...” (Matthew 26:26). The question is what were they eating? And the answer is the Passover meal, something which Jesus said, "With desire (strong desire) I have desired to eat the … Continue reading Communion – what is it? 2


Last week I preached a message on Communion. It was good to look at the subject again, I mean it begs a question, what place does it have in the experience of the Spirit-filled Christian/Church, after all, we seek and know the presence and power of God, why would we want to go through what … Continue reading Communion