In the Image of God

Man or monkey? Who exactly are we? Questions that are pertinent to every generation, and the answer we give will impact the lives we live. The Bibles story of creation is dramatic indeed, distinct from all other such stories, not pandering to the mind of man. And when it speaks of man the drama couldn't … Continue reading In the Image of God

Who am I – coincidence or created?

Coincidence or Created? Who am I? Who are we? What am I doing here? What are we doing here? They are the big questions of life. Important questions. Questions that need an answer, and the answer we give to them will impact the lives that we live. It’s seen in our desire for significance, self-worth, … Continue reading Who am I – coincidence or created?

It’s not over

Christmas is past, the New Year is in, and we've moved on, but the incarnation hasn't! The incarnation didn't stop at Christmas, Jesus didn't grow out of it. Neither did the incarnation stop when Jesus left the earth, He didn't ascend out of it. No it continues, an amazing, glorious truth we'd do well to … Continue reading It’s not over