The Promise of Pain

The promise of pain? Sounds a contradiction doesn't it, I mean pain, who wants it? My guess is no-one, yet it's part of life in a fallen world (even saved lives) and therefore everyone one of us experiences it in varying degrees at some time or other. Correspondingly, down through the centuries we have sought … Continue reading The Promise of Pain

Being Fully Alive

The other week I came across a quote from the church father Iraneus that "the glory of God is a human being fully alive." And it struck me, wow that is God's purpose for us in a nutshell. But then I thought, what does it mean, how are we meant to understand it? What is it be fully … Continue reading Being Fully Alive

Running the Race

Continuing the Olympic theme, Paul writing to the Galatians says "you did run well... who has hindered you..." There are many today who started well, but today they've dropped out of the race, or at best are struggling to keep going. For some it's legalism - a decent into a life of rules and regulations, … Continue reading Running the Race