Are You Ignoring The Red Lights?

We've been looking at how we grow as Christians, or more particularly why we might not be. One of the reasons is we frequently fail to notice the early warning lights, the red lights in our lives. They are like the red lights on a car's dashboard - they are there for a reason, and … Continue reading Are You Ignoring The Red Lights?

Growth – when the past catches up with us

When we become Christians we have a new identity in Christ and a new power within, yet even as we sing songs that speak about what Christ has done, and the past being behind us, and the new life in front, the past seems to lurk in the background and from time to time stare … Continue reading Growth – when the past catches up with us

Growth is not always easy

Growing as a Christian is not automatic. There can be a tendency to think that we just let go and let God, that nothings required of us, that our sanctification is solely a work of the Spirit - how often do people asked God to change them, but want him to do it without their … Continue reading Growth is not always easy