Living in the resurrection

Easter may be past as an event, it may be celebrated but once a year, but for the Christian it's an ongoing present reality or at least it should be. Jesus died once for all. He rose again never to die or rise again. It was a unique, never to be repeated, one off event. … Continue reading Living in the resurrection

Resurrection Day – a day to celebrate!

The Resurrection changes everything. When Jesus rose from the dead a new chapter in human history began, and what a chapter, a chapter that has seen millions upon millions of lives saved and transformed. It's seems fashionable to go on pilgrimage to try and discover yourself, what you believe. I was watching a program the … Continue reading Resurrection Day – a day to celebrate!

Forsaken on Good Friday

What a week that was leading up to the cross, and yet it didn't take Jesus by surprise. In the counsels of eternity the Father, Son and Holy Spirit had planned this. When the Father had said who will go for us, Jesus had responded, "I will, send me." He was born for this. Born … Continue reading Forsaken on Good Friday

Coronavirus – is it a sign?

Whenever something major happens, earthquakes, wars, plagues, certain planetary events, etc. there is always a temptation to run to the prophecies in scripture and claim what's happening fits and it's a sign that Jesus is coming soon, the end is nigh, so we had better get ourselves sorted out and let as many know as … Continue reading Coronavirus – is it a sign?

Coronavirus and the challenge of isolation

It's weird, it's foreign to us! Short spells, OK, but for days or weeks, most of us are struggling to do it. We weren't designed and made for it! With the outbreak of coronavirus and various governments endeavours to manage it we have had to go into voluntary or legislated isolation, an isolation we're discovering … Continue reading Coronavirus and the challenge of isolation