Complacency, Compromise and Cynicism

Life is not always plain sailing, even when you know God - there are unexpected challenges, things you hadn't planned for, didn't expect, weren't prepared for. Like the story of Israel there can be an ebb and flow to our story. A hotness and coldness. One minute they were all in and there’s times of … Continue reading Complacency, Compromise and Cynicism

Equal but complementary

This one keeps coming up, so I thought it’d be good to repost

The Word 4 Life

Some people think that to be an egalitarian means you don’t believe in any differences between male and female. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, in my studies just this week, I discovered that the term “complementarian” was first used by egalitarians! Why? Because though they believed in the full equality of male and female, they recognised they were not the same, they complemented one another. Unfortunately, hierarchalists or patriarchalists (the terms are interchangeable), commandeered the word.

Scripture tells us that God made them male and female. Different, but equal. Each unique. Each needing the other. Both in God’s image. Far too much is read into the text when complementarians say that because Adam was created first he has the greater role or authority (anyway, surely, the account in Genesis 1 takes precedence over the enlarged account in Genesis 2). Eve, was made ezer kenegdo (the term…

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Free on Kindle – Exploring the Role of Women in the Church

Free for a day. My book, Exploring the Role of Women in the Church is available free for a day on Kindle. Scripture says that God has poured out His Spirit on all flesh, both male and female, and they shall prophesy. Prophecy was speaking forth God's word. What's more he doesn't qualify the measure … Continue reading Free on Kindle – Exploring the Role of Women in the Church