Living the Saved Life

Living the Saved Life my devotional commentary of the book of James is available free throughout the weekend on Amazon Kindle: and It covers the purpose of the  book, faith and works, the place of trials, the need for wisdom, the use of the tongue, the root of conflict etc..    

God’s Sweet Singers

Sitting out in the garden this evening Pam and I sat and listened to the bird-song. It seems there's more of it this year both in the mornings and in the evenings, and my how they sing. You look at a bird and really some of them there's not much to them at all, a … Continue reading God’s Sweet Singers

Going Liberal Will Not Save

In the evangelical church it's becoming increasingly popular to go 'liberal,' and frequently the reason given is that a greater openness and willingness to 'accept' people no matter what their lifestyle will ultimately enhance the churches standing in the world, make her more attractive and people will come flocking to it - I think of … Continue reading Going Liberal Will Not Save