Love came down at Christmas

Christmas is about love - but what kind of love? Love as the popular song says, "Makes the world go round and around...." and the Beatles sang "all you need is love." But what is this love that we need, this love that makes the world go round and around? Christina Rossetti's carol says, "Love … Continue reading Love came down at Christmas


Everyone wants to be loved. Love is essential to our existence. We were made to live in love, to receive and give love, That doesn't come by evolution, but by creation. We were made in the image of the One who is love, a Trinity of Being, Father, Son and Holy Spirit who have dwelt … Continue reading Loved

The Happy Land of the Trinity

I don't know who first said it but the Happy Land of the Trinity is a beautiful expression of all that the Holy Trinity is as Father, Son and Holy Spirit from all eternity. It is so because... God has never been lonely. God has never lacked in love. God has never needed. God has … Continue reading The Happy Land of the Trinity

There’s no one like our God!

Sunday I had the privilege of introducing our new series on The Trinity at Gateway, Why Our God is Unique among the gods, and once again I was inspired, awed, and excited by the doctrine of the Trinity, or more particularly, knowing God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. One church member remarked beforehand that … Continue reading There’s no one like our God!

The Fellowship of the Three

I wonder what resolutions you've made, if any? I wonder what your hopes and aspirations are, even your prayers for yourself and others? Are they just need based, problem solving, helping etc.? Paul's pray for the Ephesian Christians was the opening of their eyes that they may know God (1:17). God, you say, haven't they … Continue reading The Fellowship of the Three