God Prepares for Christmas

Preparation is a must - ask any decorator. It's vitally important to the finished job. The same applies to Christmas. In the run up to Christmas people prepare in many different ways and over different lengths of time, nevertheless preparation there must be, otherwise it just wouldn't happen. What most people fail to realise is that … Continue reading God Prepares for Christmas

Low view of man – high view of God?

Last week I attended a conference at which the speaker used the illustration of a see-saw to illustrate the idea that when we have a high view of man we correspondingly have a low view of God, and when we have a high view of God we correspondingly have a low view of man. I … Continue reading Low view of man – high view of God?

Communion – what is it? 2

To understand communion we need to look at where it came from. The scripture provides us with a very direct clue “As they were eating...” (Matthew 26:26). The question is what were they eating? And the answer is the Passover meal, something which Jesus said, "With desire (strong desire) I have desired to eat the … Continue reading Communion – what is it? 2

Revelation – Cataclysmic Conflict or Glorious Hope?

For many Revelation is about a cataclysmic conflict somewhere in the future - maybe ours. As such it holds out a gloomy prospect - things certainly aren't going to get better, in fact quite the opposite. But is this really so? The end of Revelation takes us back to its beginning, with reminders of the … Continue reading Revelation – Cataclysmic Conflict or Glorious Hope?

The Wrath of the Lamb

Some will remember when children were taught to pray, “Gentle Jesus meek and mild....” and many have sung, “no crying he makes...” But, what kind of image does this conjure up of Jesus - a very nice, ‘docile’ Jesus - compliant, non-offensive, someone who just gets on with everybody, and is everyone’s friend? My ‘personal’ … Continue reading The Wrath of the Lamb

Heavens Perspective

Perspective Perspective is everything, if we don't have it we are in trouble. In Revelation we encounter a persecuted and suffering church, and things are not going to get better. From their perspective it doesn't look or feel good - later on we will hear the cry, "how long, O Lord?" Following the messages to … Continue reading Heavens Perspective