God – he, she or what?

So according to the news here in the UK there are those who want to call God, ' she ' (telegraph.co.uk). And so they want to remove the male references to God and retranslate the scriptures and liturgy to give God a more feminine feel. The big problem with this is that Jesus himself taught … Continue reading God – he, she or what?

Our Father

We've just started a new series at church focussing on the Lord's Prayer, and in turning afresh to it I've been impacted by the sheer simplicity and profoundness of it. Many of us if not all (truth be known) struggle with, or have struggled with prayer - it sounds simple but how do you do … Continue reading Our Father

God Is For Us! Updated

God is for us! Staggering thought isn't it? But know this the devil absolutely hates it, and is always seeking to undermine the truth, knowledge and experience of it - he comes to rob, kill and destroy. In some circles you'd think God was against the world he created, but that is not the way … Continue reading God Is For Us! Updated

Christmas – a display of Trinitarian Love

At the heart of the universe is a God of love. John says specifically, "God is love." (1 John 4:16). Not loves, or has love, or became love, but is love. Now, that has a huge impact on our understanding of God. If God is love that means that God must be more than a … Continue reading Christmas – a display of Trinitarian Love