Reigning in life – to good to be true?

Reigning in life - to good to be true? That's what the enemy would have us believe. If he cannot stop us coming to Christ his next step is to somehow undermine the effectiveness of the gospel in our lives as God's people. He would be happy to convince us that the gospel simply saves … Continue reading Reigning in life – to good to be true?

It’s not over

Christmas is past, the New Year is in, and we've moved on, but the incarnation hasn't! The incarnation didn't stop at Christmas, Jesus didn't grow out of it. Neither did the incarnation stop when Jesus left the earth, He didn't ascend out of it. No it continues, an amazing, glorious truth we'd do well to … Continue reading It’s not over

Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil

As we come towards the end of the Lord's prayer we are confronted by a request for very specific help about living in this world. Temptation and sin are common to all humanity. It doesn't matter where you live, east or west, north or south, whether you have money or none, educated or uneducated... we … Continue reading Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil

The Promise of Pain

The promise of pain? Sounds a contradiction doesn't it, I mean pain, who wants it? My guess is no-one, yet it's part of life in a fallen world (even saved lives) and therefore everyone one of us experiences it in varying degrees at some time or other. Correspondingly, down through the centuries we have sought … Continue reading The Promise of Pain

Growth is not always easy

Growing as a Christian is not automatic. There can be a tendency to think that we just let go and let God, that nothings required of us, that our sanctification is solely a work of the Spirit - how often do people asked God to change them, but want him to do it without their … Continue reading Growth is not always easy