God Invades Humanity

The Christmas story is staggering in all respects, a virgin, angels, a star... but the most staggering aspect must be that God invades the realm which he had created and takes on the dirt of the earth that he had taken and fashioned and given his own breath to - flesh! God himself becomes a … Continue reading God Invades Humanity

What if Jesus had never been born?

I found myself wondering the other day what would the world be like if Jesus had never been born, and the more I thought about it the more I began to realise it would be a vastly different place to what we know now - certainly not a better one. Unfortunately the liberal West loves … Continue reading What if Jesus had never been born?

God Couldn’t Just Turn Up – Israel’s Role in the Incarnation

The incarnation didn't just happen, as we observed in the previous post God took a long time preparing for that first Christmas, and for very good reason. There was indeed much to be done, God couldn't just turn up. For God to come in Christ as he did, he needed to prepare the way, to … Continue reading God Couldn’t Just Turn Up – Israel’s Role in the Incarnation

God Prepares for Christmas

Preparation is a must - ask any decorator. It's vitally important to the finished job.┬áThe same applies to Christmas. In the run up to Christmas people prepare in many different ways and over different lengths of time, nevertheless preparation there must be, otherwise it just wouldn't happen. What most people fail to realise is that … Continue reading God Prepares for Christmas

Christmas is Coming – has Come

Sunday it suddenly dawned on me that we are in the run up to Christmas! No, it's not like I didn't know, after all at church we've been preparing for weeks, but rather in the busyness of life I hadn't realised it was that close - I mean,┬áthat close! I wonder whether it was a … Continue reading Christmas is Coming – has Come