Kingdom Realities

Jesus inaugurated the kingdom of God - He said, It's near, It's come, It is within you/among you; and what a Kingdom! Totally unlike the kingdoms of this world, a kingdom of righteousness, peace (Shalom), joy in the Holy Spirit. He is both the King and the Kingdom. Everything he said and did exhibited and … Continue reading Kingdom Realities

Rosetta and Clues to Life on Earth

In the last few days we have been captivated by the arrival of the Rosetta space craft at, and the landing of the Philae Lander on, the comet 67P Churyumov-Gerasminko after travelling for 10 years across 300 million miles of space - amazing! Staggering! No wonder there was such jubilation, all that investment and work done … Continue reading Rosetta and Clues to Life on Earth

The Supreme Sacrifice

This weekend saw Acts of Remembrance taking place as we remembered those who gave their lives in the cause of justice and freedom - the right to a fair and just world and to live according to our conscience. We thank God for every man and woman who their sacrificed their lives for ours, and … Continue reading The Supreme Sacrifice

Grace through all of Life

We are saved by grace alone, though faith alone, in Christ alone. But that's not all, grace also keeps us - everyday. Grace is not only essential at the beginning, we need it all the way through and praise God as the old hymn put it, "he giveth more grace," and "he giveth, and giveth, … Continue reading Grace through all of Life