Resurrection Day – a day to celebrate!

The Resurrection changes everything. When Jesus rose from the dead a new chapter in human history began, and what a chapter, a chapter that has seen millions upon millions of lives saved and transformed. It's seems fashionable to go on pilgrimage to try and discover yourself, what you believe. I was watching a program the … Continue reading Resurrection Day – a day to celebrate!

Living in the Power of the Resurrection

It's not over! Yes, you read that right. We don't return to life before Easter, because every Sunday, indeed every day, is Easter day for the Christian - there's no going back. We are not caught in some pagan cycle of continual death and rebirth, but rather one of forward movement and progression, whereby having … Continue reading Living in the Power of the Resurrection

Acts 29

Yes I know there isn't one, it finishes with 28... But reading through Acts you can't help but notice the abruptness with which it end - you are left high and dry, you want to know what happens next. And there's the point, it's not supposed to end, the story continues right down to today, … Continue reading Acts 29

Being Fully Alive

The other week I came across a quote from the church father Iraneus that "the glory of God is a human being fully alive." And it struck me, wow that is God's purpose for us in a nutshell. But then I thought, what does it mean, how are we meant to understand it? What is it be fully … Continue reading Being Fully Alive