Does God reign?

Does God reign? Is he faithful? Two very big questions. Studying the books of Ezra and Nehemiah recently I've been stuck afresh by the fact that God does indeed reign and he is indeed a God of covenant faithfulness. The Jews had been in exile for 70 years. Time to get comfortable - they were … Continue reading Does God reign?

Acts 29

Yes I know there isn't one, it finishes with 28... But reading through Acts you can't help but notice the abruptness with which it end - you are left high and dry, you want to know what happens next. And there's the point, it's not supposed to end, the story continues right down to today, … Continue reading Acts 29

Revelation 21 – Now and not yet

A new heaven and a new earth. What an amazing chapter this is, with present and future overtones, full of promise now and in the future. Verse 1 speaks of the ‘new heaven and new earth’ a phrase that’s only found in Isaiah 65, 66, and is applied liberally to the church, but v. 5 … Continue reading Revelation 21 – Now and not yet