God with no Boundaries

Looking at some of the recent reports hitting the news it seems that an increasing number of Christians are intent on making God in their own image after their own likeness. To do that of course we must follow this world in making much of ourselves, our thoughts, our feelings, our wants etc.. "If this … Continue reading God with no Boundaries

Being Fully Alive

The other week I came across a quote from the church father Iraneus that "the glory of God is a human being fully alive." And it struck me, wow that is God's purpose for us in a nutshell. But then I thought, what does it mean, how are we meant to understand it? What is it be fully … Continue reading Being Fully Alive

Growth is not always easy

Growing as a Christian is not automatic. There can be a tendency to think that we just let go and let God, that nothings required of us, that our sanctification is solely a work of the Spirit - how often do people asked God to change them, but want him to do it without their … Continue reading Growth is not always easy

The Gospel

Three things to note about the Gospel: The gospel is central to faith in God. There is no other name, no other way to know God. The gospel is central to the church. It is the centre and circumference of the church’s existence.  We exist because of the gospel, we exist for the cause of … Continue reading The Gospel