Acts 29

Yes I know there isn’t one, it finishes with 28… But reading through Acts you can’t help but notice the abruptness with which it end – you are left high and dry, you want to know what happens next.

And there’s the point, it’s not supposed to end, the story continues right down to today, and right around the globe!

The Acts of the Holy Spirit through God’s people are still being done and told. God is still using ordinary people, filled with his Spirit to accomplish extraordinary things.

People are being saved and added to the church, delivered from the power of the evil one and set free to be who God wants them to be, healed from all kinds of sickness whether physically, emotionally or spiritually. Baptised in water; baptised in the Holy Spirit. Speaking in tongues, prophesying, seeing God’s miraculous provision.

Yes, God is still on the move, moving by his Spirit, fulfilling his purposes, bringing his Kingdom in.

Do you know it?
Are you part of it?
What part are you playing?

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