Growth is not always easy

Growing as a Christian is not automatic. There can be a tendency to think that we just let go and let God, that nothings required of us, that our sanctification is solely a work of the Spirit – how often do people asked God to change them, but want him to do it without their involvement?

Throughout the New Testament we find that growing as a Christian involves us. Paul talks about being transformed by the renewal of our minds, about putting off the old man etc.. We can pray as much as we like but if we are not prepared to do such things we will stay the same.

Growth rarely occurs without some measure of pain, and one of the challenges to being transformed, to growing in Christ is the potential pain of identifying and acknowledging what needs to be changed. At our conversion we have some awareness that we are sinners but very often it s only as we travel along the Christian pathway that the real depths of our fallenness and brokenness become apparent to us.

For many of us time and demands stifle and stop the process. All is going well, then something hits us, we become aware of it, take a quick look – but life must go on, so we put a spiritual patch on it and seek to on.  But underneath something is festering, it needs closer attention, and eventually it has a way of catching up with us.

If you and I truly desire to grow in God ultimately the patch has to come off, and we have to take a deeper look – with God’s help, after all he is the great Physician and healer of our souls.

Is there something you don’t like about yourself you are avoiding? Is there some pain from the past you wish would just go away? Are you struggling with relationships? Does your life seem to be a continual Ground Hog day – a repeating cycle?…..

Then stop, take time out, get alone with God – or with someone who can help you. Stop avoiding the issue, face it and work through it – you’ll find God’s grace right there.

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