Pursuing God with a Passion

God doesn’t want half-hearted followers. He wants us on fire!

Reflecting again on the story of the King of Israel, Elisha and the arrows in 2 Kings 13, I’m coming to the conclusion that was the kings problem, he really wasn’t all in, he was to easily satisfied. His business with God wasn’t that serious. He had a problem – the Syrians/Arameans, he needed an answer, sought out the prophet Elisha, and subsequently got a word from God – it looked good and he thought that was it. Not so. God wasn’t finished just yet.

Our dealings with God can follow a similar route, we have a need, we go to God, we get an answer and we think we’ve got everything – that’s it, let’s get on with life, prayer answered, need meet, victory promised – but God hasn’t.

God is after more than a prayer, after all, he’s far more than a slot machine, shop assistant, dispenser, care-giver or need provider. He’s God. He’s after us. He’s after a real, vibrant and meaningful relationship with those he has created and redeemed. He pursues us with a passion and he wants us to pursue him with a passion.

God also wants us to be passionate about his purposes but that passion must flow from passion for God or they are a beginning and end in themselves, and will be doomed to whither and ultimately die.

What about you, are you pursuing God with a passion, pursuing God for Himself, or is it more about what he can do for you?



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