Living in Union with Christ

Richard Burgess. 09.02.2021 The wrong foot. Jesus said, "Go and make disciples..." Every Christ follower is called to be a disciple not simply a believer, yet in thinking about discipleship there is a very real danger of starting out on the wrong foot: now I am saved I need to live for Jesus, I’ve got … Continue reading Living in Union with Christ

Encountering God – Living and Building by the Wisdom of God

Church can be messy, very messy, it's not perfect. The church at Corinth was such, yes, the church that was birthed by God's grace through the ministry of Paul. They knew the presence and power of the Spirit, they were not lacking in any gift, yet they were also fleshly - behaving like the world from … Continue reading Encountering God – Living and Building by the Wisdom of God

Living the Life

God made us to live. God saved us to live. Living comes through knowing God. Living is what the Christian is called to do - Jesus said, I am come that you might have life, and have it more abundantly - thats more than surviving, more than reacting, that's more than waiting for heaven, in … Continue reading Living the Life