Pentecost – what of it?

As Easter follows Christmas, and Ascension follows Easter, so Pentecost follows Ascension. The early church knew in the coming of the Spirit that the Son was at the Father's right hand in the Glory, and had received from Him the gift of the Spirit. Jesus had said while here on earth when conversing with his … Continue reading Pentecost – what of it?

Let go and let God? The danger of passivity

One of the tricks of the enemy is to get us to yield to passivity, to just 'let go and let God,' and he'll sort you or it out. It sounds very spiritual, I don't do anything, God does it,  yet that is a complete distortion of what Paul and the other writers say regarding … Continue reading Let go and let God? The danger of passivity

Slowing Down in Order to Live

Many of us are living too fast, and spinning too many plates, and as we know the faster you go the harder it is to stop, and more importantly SPEED KILLS. What’s true regarding the roads is also true regarding our lives. Speed kills us and our relationships - with God, and with one another. The … Continue reading Slowing Down in Order to Live

Living the Life

God made us to live. God saved us to live. Living comes through knowing God. Living is what the Christian is called to do - Jesus said, I am come that you might have life, and have it more abundantly - thats more than surviving, more than reacting, that's more than waiting for heaven, in … Continue reading Living the Life