Building a Kingdom Culture 4 – Love, Grace & Freedom

Love, grace, and freedom are at the core of a Kingdom Culture. Everything else flows from them. They are values or qualities that define the very heart of who we are and our relation to one another. When we lose them we get all religious and our lives and relationships end up based around rules … Continue reading Building a Kingdom Culture 4 – Love, Grace & Freedom

How Charismatic Are You?

'Charismatic' is frequently used to describe a gifted, talented, naturally outstanding person or a larger than life personality, but that's not how I'm using the term and it's not how the apostle Paul used it either. When Paul used the term he used it to describe the special abilities the Spirit gives to ordinary people, … Continue reading How Charismatic Are You?

There’s no magic to Christmas

'Magical,' the 'magic of Christmas,' are words and phrases that are used to describe Christmas. Strange really that a world that wants to get rid of God wants to retain the idea of something being 'other,' something being magical. And it doesn't just crop up at Christmas, there's a fascination for it all year round, … Continue reading There’s no magic to Christmas