Are You Ignoring The Red Lights?

We’ve been looking at how we grow as Christians, or more particularly why we might not be.

One of the reasons is we frequently fail to notice the early warning lights, the red lights in our lives.

They are like the red lights on a car’s dashboard – they are there for a reason, and you ignore them at your peril!

They are found in feelings both emotionally and physically – those sudden down moments, heaviness, tenseness, gut feelings, sudden headaches etc….

They are all trying to tell us something, and our job is to stop and ask the questions, to be honest with ourselves and ask why am I feeling or reacting like this?

They could be fears, inadequacies, an unhealed relationship, conflict… we could go on but you get the idea…

Pain said C. S. Lewis is God’s megaphone – that I believe includes the inner pain as well as the physical pain.

Many of us want to hear God, but frequently we don’t think of or recognise him speaking to us at this level, but unless we do we will never grow.

Praise God he is interested in the whole person, and his transforming us involves our whole being.

Do you know what he is saying to you at this moment? What pain he wants you to acknowledge and face that you might be transformed into the likeness of Christ?

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