Reigning in Life

For many the idea of reigning in life is a pipe dream, a total unreality, yet this is what the bible promises. We were created in the image of God to reign as co-regents in the earth. We blew it, sinned, and everything became distorted. But in the gospel we see not only salvation but … Continue reading Reigning in Life

Kingdom Justice

Jesus called us to “seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness.” Traditionally in protestant evangelical theology we have made that personal, very personal – about my righteousness, my standing before God etc.. I've preached and taught it that way in the past, but is that what Jesus really meant at this point - I … Continue reading Kingdom Justice

Revelation 19 A Celebration and a Wedding

The church had been through a tough time, it had suffered heavily and the cry had gone up, 'how long O Lord?' As we saw in the last post, the Scarlet Beast and the Harlot were none other than historic Rome and unfaithful Israel. It was they who had been the cause of the suffering, … Continue reading Revelation 19 A Celebration and a Wedding

HELP! Our Necessity of a Saviour

Talking about sin is not popular; some Christians now prefer to talk about ‘original goodness’ rather than ‘original sin’. Talking about sin is a bit like having an inkling that something is wrong with you and not going to the doctor because you are afraid of the diagnosis – the trouble is it doesn’t make … Continue reading HELP! Our Necessity of a Saviour