No Need to Pay Twice

Following on from Easter and the death and resurrection of Jesus this old hymn comes to mind, and what a hymn - I've lightly modernised it - it contains a powerful declaration of the glorious liberating truth of the cross. If you are doubting, lacking assurance, wondering whether you've done enough, or whether Jesus has … Continue reading No Need to Pay Twice

Communion – what is it? 2

To understand communion we need to look at where it came from. The scripture provides us with a very direct clue “As they were eating...” (Matthew 26:26). The question is what were they eating? And the answer is the Passover meal, something which Jesus said, "With desire (strong desire) I have desired to eat the … Continue reading Communion – what is it? 2

HELP! Our Necessity of a Saviour

Talking about sin is not popular; some Christians now prefer to talk about ‘original goodness’ rather than ‘original sin’. Talking about sin is a bit like having an inkling that something is wrong with you and not going to the doctor because you are afraid of the diagnosis – the trouble is it doesn’t make … Continue reading HELP! Our Necessity of a Saviour