New Day! New Year! New ….

Well a new year is underway - my how they go by, the older you get the quicker they seem to come round!  Every new year, in fact, every day that makes up the year, presents us with all sorts of opportunities for good or evil, and therefore choices, decisions, one way or the other, … Continue reading New Day! New Year! New ….

New Year Resolutions?

A happy new year to you all! So what about 2016, should I, should you, make new year resolutions? Are they really worth it? At one time I would have said no they are not, but these days I'm thinking differently. You see it all depends whether they are centred in and dependent on yourself … Continue reading New Year Resolutions?

New Year Resolutions and All That

And so we are into 2012, resolutions have already been made.... and broken .... It's not that resolutions are necessarily wrong, some well known men and women of God down through history have made them, i.e. Jonathan Edwards of the USA. A lot of people make resolutions only for them to last a few weeks, … Continue reading New Year Resolutions and All That