New Day! New Year! New ….

Well a new year is underway – my how they go by, the older you get the quicker they seem to come round! 

Every new year, in fact, every day that makes up the year, presents us with all sorts of opportunities for good or evil, and therefore choices, decisions, one way or the other, and every choice writing our history, determining our destiny.

As we head into 2018 what choices will you make? 

1. Have you decided to trust in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord or are you still waiting for a more convenient day? The fact is there isn’t one, this moment, this day, is the only one you can count on.

2. If you have believed, trusted in Him as Lord and Saviour, then have you committed your all to him? Are you truly living under His lordship, or does your own will take greater prescedence?

3. Will you live into your new identity or allow the enemy to rob you of it?

4. Will you say ‘no’ to the Flesh, and ‘yes’ to the Spirit, and so put to death the way of the old life and live into the new?

5. Will you guard your heart and mind with all diligence?

6. Will you seek the heart, mind, and will of your Father, daily – those purposes and plans he has for you? 

7. Will you seek to be filled with the Spirit, and keep in step with the Spirit personally, not grieving or quenching him?

8. Will you seek to maintain the unity of the Spirit and keep in step with the Spirit in the body of believers he has placed you in, seeking its/their encouragement, blessing and advancement? 

9. Will you seek to grow in wisdom and stature?

10. Will you measure or be mindful of your life, seeking a proper balance between work and play, effort and renewal, duty and delight, demand and space? 

We could go on, and if you think that all sounds rather legalistic, religious, then think again, because that’s exactly what the enemy wants you to think, these are life questions, important questions.

Don’t drift, its what the enemy wants, have a plan, a vision, decide and act, today, everyday, and watch what God will do!

A happy new year!

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