The Happy Land of the Trinity

I don’t know who first said it but the Happy Land of the Trinity is a beautiful expression of all that the Holy Trinity is as Father, Son and Holy Spirit from all eternity.

It is so because…

God has never been lonely.

God has never lacked in love.

God has never needed.

God has never been bored.

God has never been at odds with himself.

God has indeed been supremely happy in that unity of Trinitarian love, a love and happiness so utterly wonderful and amazing – truly the greatest and most wonderful love story ever told!

Paul in his letter to Timothy talks about the good news of the glory of the happy God.

God didn’t create because he needed to.

God didn’t make us in his image because there was lack in the Godhead.

God didn’t start loving when he decided to send Jesus.

No, out of their happiness God created a world, and made us to dwell in the circle of his own Trinitarian love. When we blew it through our own self-will (sin) God was still loving us, and in Jesus came to restore us into that loving and happy relationship for which we were made with himself, not because there was now unhappiness in God but rather in us those who were made to dwell in the circle of Trinitarian love and happiness.

I wonder has your image/knowledge of God been distorted?
I wonder do you know him?
I wonder are you imaging this God to the world or some distortion?
Do you need to get a bigger and better vision of God?

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