Everyone wants to be loved.

Love is essential to our existence.

We were made to live in love, to receive and give love,

That doesn’t come by evolution, but by creation. We were made in the image of the One who is love, a Trinity of Being, Father, Son and Holy Spirit who have dwelt in and shared love from all eternity, the Father loving the Son and Spirit, the Son loving the Father and Spirit, the Spirit loving the Father and Son. God doesn’t have love he is love. Herein lies the importance of the Christian doctrine of the Trinity. Love cannot exist on it’s own.

We were made to live in and share that love. We were made for love.

The tragedy is that we chose to go our own way and human love became selfish and destructive.

But God still loved.

And in the process of time in the biggest demonstration of love mankind has ever seen, and will see, began to unfold. God, I say that again, God, is incarnated in human flesh. The Eternal, the Creator, the Life Giver and Sustainer chooses to be conceived and live in real human flesh. Flesh he created and he sustains. Miracle of miracles. True Love once again entered human flesh. God with man residing.

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