The Ascension – Back Home

This week sees Ascension Day on the church calendar. Once again I want to highlight this largely forgotten event. The ascension of Jesus Christ literally changes everything. Jesus, as the writer to the Hebrews says, was the express image of the invisible God, and then again a few verses later he was made like his … Continue reading The Ascension – Back Home

The Ascension – our reconnection with the Father

Another truth tied to the Ascension is the reuniting of our humanity with the Fatherhood of God. Jesus said, "I am returning to my Father and your Father." (John 20:17). Because of humanities rebellion we had become alienated from God, from the very intimacy we were created for and so many crave and look for … Continue reading The Ascension – our reconnection with the Father

The Hope of the Ascension

Picking up again on last weeks subject I want to highlight the absolute need of the ascension for a fully fledged and true Christian faith. The danger perhaps is more so for those of us who don’t follow a yearly liturgy that forces us to dwell on certain parts of the story. Having said that, … Continue reading The Hope of the Ascension

The Ascension – the Forgotten Event

We make a lot of Christmas, Easter and Pentecost, but sadly the Ascension takes a back seat. Yet without the Ascension we have an incomplete gospel, and an uncertain hope. In the ascension we see the continuing life and victory of Jesus, without it we would have to assume that he died a second time. … Continue reading The Ascension – the Forgotten Event