The Ascension – our reconnection with the Father

Another truth tied to the Ascension is the reuniting of our humanity with the Fatherhood of God. Jesus said, “I am returning to my Father and your Father.” (John 20:17).

Because of humanities rebellion we had become alienated from God, from the very intimacy we were created for and so many crave and look for in the wrong places.

But Jesus changed all that. Through him that which had brought our alienation has been dealt with. Christ took on our flesh, was tempted and tried in every way as we are as he lived out the life we should have lived. He then died in our place, rose again, and then he ascended on high.

Now he is one again with the Father, but more than that he has taken us with him. When he came to earth Jesus didn’t stop being God, when he ascended to Heaven he didn’t stop being man but took humanity into the very heart of the Godhead enabling us once again to know the intimacy for which we are created. The relationship he has with the Father is also ours in Him!  Wonderful!  Our lives are hidden with Christ in God, the place of true intimacy and delight.

We may have our feet firmly planted on earth but we are seated in heavenly places in Christ.

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