Can We Trust The Bible?

A Reliable Word?

It’s great to not only have faith, but to know that that faith is based on a very reliable, and authenticated word from God – the Bible.

Reading responses to articles relating to Christianity in the popular press columns on the internet recently it seems that there are many who have no idea and ‘diss’ Christianity as ‘made up’ and ‘full of fiction’ etc.. and therefore not to be believed.

Sadly there are also those who claim to be God’s people, even God’s servants preaching God’s word, who believe that they are helping others come to faith by suggesting/saying that not all the Bible is true, or that we ‘take it with a pinch of salt.’ Such attitudes and actions far from encouraging faith and commitment have a history of destroying faith and emptying the churches.

British Museum

Years ago I would never have imagined going to the British Museum as inspiring, quite the opposite. Well, I’ve just returned from a day trip to the British Museum (my second this year) with several doing our local Newfrontiers WordPlus course, and what a joy to see people enthused by the reliability and accuracy of God’s word.

As we toured the museum following the Bible timeline, it was great to see time and time again the history of the Bible being verified;  people and events that others have dismissed as false because there was at one time no external verification, being shown to be true as archaeologists discover a variety of artifacts from various countries that interacted with the history of God’s people and records of various kinds that have been translated that detail people and places in the Biblical account.


We had as we say, many ‘wow’ moments. It was great to see everyone going home having been wowed by all that they had seen and heard.

Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself!

A Reed Basket
A Reed Basket
Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser III - Jehu paying homage to Shalmaneser III - the only known image of a king of Israel
Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser III – Jehu paying homage to Shalmaneser III – the only known image of a king of Israel
Silver Bowl of Artaxerxes
Silver Bowl of Artaxerxes – Daniel may well have handled this!
Decor from the palace of Susa
Decor from the palace of Susa which Esther would have walked by
Mark in full flow
Mark in full flow

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