Strange Fire and the Corinthians

Reflecting on the Strange Fire Conference and Scripture one can't help but wonder how John MacArthur would have written to the church at Corinth. Here was a church where things were out of order - here was charismatic chaos! And what is Paul's answer, what you are doing is of the devil? Or/and, I don't … Continue reading Strange Fire and the Corinthians

Strange Fire

This week has seen the Strange Fire Conference in the United States hosted by John MacArthur, a conference accusing those in the Pentecostal and Charismatic movement of being in error, of wrongly dividing Scripture and encouraging experiences and ministries that are false and so leading the church of God astray. The big questions being asked … Continue reading Strange Fire

Speaking in Tongues: For Real? Who May and What’s the Point?

A Controversial Gift The subject of speaking in tongues is probably one of the most controversial of Christian subjects and elicits all sorts of reactions ... it’s probably the most widely discussed phenomena in Christian experience and has resulted in many messages and books both for and against. For those who don’t speak in tongues … Continue reading Speaking in Tongues: For Real? Who May and What’s the Point?

Pentecost: Past Event or Present Reality?

Pentcost What a day in the life of the church! And what a difference it made to those who were there! In fact if you took the dynamic of the Holy Spirit out of the book of Acts you wouldn't have a story to tell. The big question is, is it simply a past event … Continue reading Pentecost: Past Event or Present Reality?