Kingdom Dynamics

We are called to pursue the kingdom, a kingdom quite unlike any other; to seek it first, not as the first in a whole list of things, but as the one that governs all others on that list. And to do so, it’s essential we understand the dynamics of the kingdom, because sooner or later … Continue reading Kingdom Dynamics

Building a Kingdom Culture 6 – Humility and Servanthood

How humble are you? Is there anyone or anything that you would consider to be below your dignity? An absolute essential to a Kingdom Culture is humility and servanthood, they belong together, they are inseparable. If we understand humility correctly it will help when it comes to servanthood, and yet humility doesn’t go down well in … Continue reading Building a Kingdom Culture 6 – Humility and Servanthood

War and Peace

War and peace have been the alternating experience of much of human history. Peace, so difficult to gain and maintain, can be lost so quickly and easily. The first world war multiplied outwards from the assassination in Sarajevo of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian/Hungarian throne by a Yugoslav nationalist, creating a diplomatic crisis … Continue reading War and Peace